Greetings world, we are anonymous! As it is usual in festive dates, specially in December, many people dedicate themselves to help the needy ones. And for this reason, Anonymous invite you to help us make the "Christmas operation" happen!

Make someone's reality different, even if it's just for a moment! Help the needy ones to feel special, because we actually are! Get together with your family, friends, acquaintances to take comfort and support to those ones that most need it! It is not a matter of materialism that feed massive overpowering corporations, but acting as human being, affect and respect to others. There are many ways of helping the needy ones and the way for this to happen must be chosen by each one of us. Do what you have to do in order to have a fair and better world to live!

Be the change you want to see in the world! Your solidarity, specially now, must increase! Spread this to people! What really matters is that everyone do something in order to see a better change for all, and then we are sure we will have excellent results! Give what you would like to get. Deliver the simplicity being aware that it is something great! Every little action becomes important and precious. Because a good result for everyone is what really matters!

Our strength through internet will just increase this year, as they have always been! And once again the positive results will be real! That's the moment! #OperationNatal engaged!
#OperationXMas engaged! Spread as posts the huge range of work that will be done, ask all the web pages for support when promoting it or just create your own.

Make this solidarity and love project viral, post it on your websites, set up events, groups and help promoting this video! Many people on the streets need our help! They cannot wait this from the government. It is ours to decide if we are going to take to the needy ones something good! We need you to promote this so we can reach the highest possible number of people!

We come from different origins and we have different points of view, but for this one thing we will be together: We recognise that the world needs to change! We no longer can sit and watch lives being destroyed! And that this help doesn't just happen in festive dates, we want this actions to be continued!

We are many and we are everywhere! We all want changes! We are the voice of the voiceless! We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect us!
 Video: #OpNatal #OpXmas - English Subtitles
Transcription #OpNatal #OpXmas in Portuguese here.
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